We strongly believe in tradition and quality, in order to provide the customer with healthy and good breadsticks. For this reason we use only natural ingredients, which allow us to have a highly distinctive end product. Vitavigor breadsticks have always been produced following Giuseppe’s original recipe, using only the best ingredients and raw materials of the highest quality. The commitment of all the highly qualified staff and the perfect balance between manual skills and new technologies guarantee a unique product with an unmistakable taste.
All our products are free of animal fats, to which we have preferred since the 80s only the king of oils: the Extra Virgin Olive Oil.
Our breadsticks are without palm oil, without hydrogenated fats, GMO-free and without preservatives. So, without regrets!

Well-being is the common factor that binds us to our customers: through a healthy and correct diet, which is inspired by the principles of the Mediterranean diet, it is possible to improve the quality of life.
Our philosophy translates into the formulation of light, minimal, tasty and innovative recipes.
We at Vitavigor know the needs of the consumer and our quality system meets the standards of the most renowned and restrictive certifications in terms of safety, quality and food production.

BRC – Grade A
IFS – Higher Level
• Kosher product certifications