The recent market research on the new flatbreads products:
1. PanFarro: Yeast-free Flatbreads with spelt and sunflower seeds
2. PanSegale: Yeast-free Flatbreads with rye, oat and buckwheat,
brought its results.
RESEARCH: The panel test was aimed at 3,500 consumers in line with the purchase target (80% women, 60% between 26 and 45 years, 68% in pairs or family), with the aim of having a feedback on the possibility that a potentially niche product, as it is yeast-free, can reach a broad and wide audience. RESULTS: 87% of the interviewees said that they will buy the product even without having intolerances to yeast, due to its characteristics of taste and “well-being”. An appreciation also shown by the fact that 87% expressed a high rating of approval in general on the products (grades 4 to 6, on a scale of 1 to 6). High ratings have also been assigned to the individual characteristics of the flatbreads:
• 92% approval for friability (thanks to a specific production technology that can do without yeast);
• 89% for the format (150 g for a snack to “eat-alone” or to share);
• 87% for the shape (also suitable for cheeses, mayonnaise or compotes to be spread on it);
• 86% for taste (natural and light).
Which would be the best moment to eat flatbreads? 70% of the respondents identified the snack moment, at home or out of home, as the most popular consumption occasion, but 43% would also accompany meals with these flatbreads.