Only the best ingredients can make the best tasting breadsticks.
The ingredients are mixed today according to Giuseppe’s original recipe and produced with the perfect balance of human skills and new technologies.

Since the 80s we have said enough to lard and other vegetable oils.
We have chosen only the “king” of fats for all our breadsticks: 100% extra virgin olive oil.

Today we produce 7,000 kg of breadsticks a day and we deliver them throughout Italy and in over 30 countries around the world,
guaranteeing always fresh products.

Grissini - Box


Our breadsticks are the “grissini di Milano”, with a unique cut, incomparable lightness and a packaging worthy of the capital of fashion and design.

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Mini Snack - Box

Mini Breadsticks

The mini snacks salted on top are baked in the oven and they have three new Mediterranean flavours.

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Mini Piattelle - Box

Mini Crackers

These delicious mini crackers are the right compromise between taste and lightness.

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Mini Soffietti

Vitapop the new “pop” snack that surprise! Crunchy, tasty and surprisingly light! Even with Frozen 2 characters

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