We are a company with a strong tradition that produces breadsticks and bread substitutes since 1958. Vitavigor is a brand recognized in Italy and countries across the world for its high quality products, characterized by recipes that only include natural ingredients and 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Vitavigor products are designed to meet the needs of different distribution channels as well as a variety of consumer’s tastes, offering a wide variety of consumption options.


In the 60 years since the creation of Vitavigor, we have continually strived to improve our products and exceed the needs of our clients. This ambition is always at the heart of everything we do. Our aim is to deliver the products consumers desire, and in whichever way they wish to purchase them. Like our clients, we only work with partners who deliver to the highest quality and standards. In 2018 we very much look forward to sharing our new exciting and innovative plans.

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Thank you to all of our clients who trust in us every day, and to our dedicated Vitavigor family, whose continued passion drives us to succeed in our ambition. We are inspired every day by the vision of our founder, Giuseppe, whose legacy we aim to promote long into the future.

Mario e Paolo Bigiogera


We constantly strive towards an ambitious goal: to ensure that our products can always meet the daily and ever-changing needs of customers and consumers.

Vitavigor’s mission is to strengthen what we have become today, a business with strong roots, but with the aim to grow every day, through the passion and enthusiasm of our craft.

Tradition, Quality, Reliability and Well-being are the values that permeate the activity of Vitavigor:

• the tradition that accompanies us is a historical memory of values and essential knowledge;
• quality, intended as constant high standards of our products, raw materials of the highest level and always perfecting recipes, is the cornerstone of our production; we produce only to order, so our products are always fresh;
• reliability in guaranteeing both a healthy and balanced product and a flexible and “smart” production, in order to maintain a stable and long-term relationship with our customers;
• well-being is the common factor that connects us to our consumers: they can aspire to the pursuit of well-being through a healthy and balanced diet, inspired by the principles of the Mediterranean culinary tradition

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